02/03/2021 - DID I SAY MOVING PARTS?

You never set out to conjure, but as tumblers aligned and life events occurred, 2021 has become The Year of The Move - as the missus heads into retirement from her job, we’re relocating into the next phase of our lives, which is going to be in Other Than Texas.

In the run-up to what hopes to be a relocation before the coming Texas summer, the home renovation is in high gear to prep the house to go on the market, and we’ve begin the dance of what will move, what will be disposed, and what will be re-homed. As part of that effort, the personal library is being whittled down beginning soon; details on available items will be on Facebook first, then here.

Another aspect is lugging as little in-stock published material as I have here at the manse. In an effort to reduce that volume, I’m holding a sale on the remaining SHADY ACRES copies on my shelves - including the last of the limited edition hardcovers and a small clutch of softcovers. Direct from the author to you, and I’ll even scribble my name in ‘em if you want. The hardcovers are marked down 40% to $15 each, while the small clutch of softcovers are $9 each (both plus media mail shipping.) Interested? Click the link above to go to the sale page. (Sale pricing only applies to the stock on hand on my shelf.) There will be a few magazine appearances also going on sale - I’m just not there yet.

09/25/2020 - MANY MOVING PARTS 

He lives!  And first up, he comes bearing the first Free Fiction Friday effort on the year (I didn’t plan on it being an Autumn thing, but here we are.) And as appropriate for the season into which we’re rolling, it’s a story of a haunting - in this case, a man haunted by what’s left of a human head. Follow the link to the Story Stash and stare into the dead eye sockets of “The Skull In The Switchback.” 

Writing has been a struggle of late - prolonged COVID isolations, home projects, future planning, competing projects (it actually takes a fair bit of time every day to scan old Kodak disc negatives) and liquidating a portion of my library to make space. But writerly things continue to cook, if slowly. The rewrite of SEVEN FISHES was trundled off to my Alpha Reader/editor mid-year, and I’m a third of the way through the rewrite/edit second draft of HONEY LOVE. I’m incorporating some unsolicited editorial feedback on a rejected submission to improve it while also pushing through a couple of new stories here and there.

If I’ve learned anything, it’s the value of structure. I do best when I have my writing window front and center in the morning - sit with my coffee and work before I move on to the real world work. Under this system, I’ve finished two novels and a bunch of stories. Without it? I’m a third of the way through edits and rewrites on a novel that’s existed for a while, and have finished two whole stories. So I know how the ship need to sail; I just need to be far better about tacking the sales. 

The only other item of note: we’re coming into pecan season, and the market where I’ve gotten the haul from our two trees cracked in the past is gone; it means going farther afield (I cracked them myself the first season I gathered - never again.) So I’m either looking for a new purveyor of pecan cracking services, or I’m looking for a pecan cracking machine (industrial, not table-top - I gathered some sixty pounds raw two years ago. Not doing that on a table-top, one-at-a-time device.) (This is the very definition of a first-world problem.)

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   The Sage Archivist of Mars--who wasn't actually from the angry red planet, but was instead a massive Edgar Rice Burroughs geek--pored over one of the million books on his shelves. It was an impressive library. I live on the back of a postage stamp in Brooklyn with two paperbacks on the nightstand at any given time. SAM had turned a decommissioned Carnegie Library into his home and office, living in a suite in the basement, working on the two floors above. A bunch of us had helped him move from the warehouse he used to call home. Tens of thousands of boxes of books. But try getting him to help you retrieve a crate from the docks.

from “Triplicate Threat - From the Files of the Iron Vanguard”